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Many sign up for physical challenges they’re not really capable of or exotic gap-year-type trips they can’t afford.’‘That sealed my love of being up in the air.

The feeling of exhilaration and freedom, of being so high above the ground, plus the wonderful views you get, are hard to beat.

The statement said in part: “The Indigenous People of Biafra and its leadership worldwide condemn the unprofessional conduct of the Nigerian Army located at Ohafia against the Biafran and IPOB women’s general meeting holding in Abiriba, Abia State.

According to psychiatrist Louann Brizendine, author of The Female Mind, the changes that occur in the run-up to and during the menopause cause our natural desire to take care of our children and our partners to recede. Counsellor Evelyn Nathanson warns: ‘Women can suddenly go to extremes in their search for independence.Holiday love turned sour: Michael wooed Jane when she visited The Gambia on holiday with a friend while he was working in a local bar, but after they married she realised he wasn't quite the person she thought 'When I confronted Michael he just admitted it and laughed. When he became physically violent towards her Alanah fled home, where she discovered Jan was a serial philanderer, moving from British woman to British woman, and frequently getting them - Alanah included - pregnant. Despite warnings from family and friends, Alanah returned to Marmaris in 2011, but her relationship with Jan soon soured, with money running out and Jan spending more time out of the house, leading Alanah to believe he was having an affair.So I made a list of other things I’d like to try.‘When I signed up to do a wing-walk in 2002, everyone thought I’d back out once I got to the airfield.But I didn’t feel nervous at all — not even when I realised I’d be going up with little more than a thin leather strap to hold me on to the bar on the top of the bi-plane.

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