Love poems for her before dating

Never was I so sure, Never was my love so pure With every thought of love, I have driven you so close to me, That now the world can't tell, Which one is you and which one is me.

We have blinded that world, which had claimed that our love was blind I have counted my joys through smiles on your lips, just as you have empowered me with these smiles, my love will, in all its phases, empower and embrace you this promise has mingled, most affectionately, with every breath I take for life.

So, I want you to know: no matter what happens, or what time may do, I am always here for you. to know it was not good enough when easy feelings seemed all too tough we both know- right now it would last but later on bring back the past... I never picked to be in this place we ironically met what made us feel open and free what made you share your life with me? totally exposed things you said only I could possibly know in itself is hard and tormenting you express your hopes concerns and fears of losing this now still unsure what direction to steer it's hard for us both... The guitar was tinkling, But the notes were not sweet till you sung them Again.

we've gone 'round and 'round a solid answer is yet to be found how do we reach this, what must we do? we're afraid to let go we've tried it before to always come back the heart was so sore wondering and feeling... I really believed in you, That you were "loving," caring, and true. As the moon's soft splendour O'er the faint cold starlight of Heaven Is thrown, So your voice most tender To the strings without soul had then given Its own.

Our friendship is worth the world to me, But my dream is to be close to you. They flee from me that sometime did me seek With naked foot, stalking in my chamber.

We support each other endlessly, Giving hope through thick and thin. I have seen them gentle, tame, and meek, That now are wild and do not remember That sometime they put themself in danger To take bread at my hand; and now they range, Busily seeking with a continual change.

you might be 'the one' should that be something to turn from and run where can we go from here? hold out our hands let open the heart or don't get involved it's too hard to start if it's a game you felt you could win you said you'd jump in as long as your mind says you'll lose... Love shouldn't be something to cry about, It should be filled with happiness, not sorrow and doubt. The stars will awaken, Though the moon sleep a full hour later To-night; No leaf will be shaken Whilst the dews of your melody scatter Delight.

The dusk falls on another day, but I have yet to see its splendor. Lascivious grace, in whom all ill well shows, Kill me with spites, yet we must not be foes.

I walk and hope to hear her voice, but the silence screams in my ears. Elizabeth Barrett Browning How many loved your moments How many loved your moments of glad grace, And loved your beauty with love false or true; But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you, And loved the sorrows of your changing face.

Heavy is my heart because of the truth, but it refuses to listen too close. When You Are Old William Butler Yeats How many loved your moments How many loved your moments of glad grace, And loved your beauty with love false or true; But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you, And loved the sorrows of your changing face.

All the pain ur putting me through all the hurt and all the tears don't u see how much u mean to me? sometimes I don't think u do sometimes I think u enjoy it knowing that every day I cry and cry over u that I don't sleep at night 'cause I can't have u do u enjoy it? 'cause ur putting me through hell knowing that every day I have to wake up and go through all the pain all over again I'll never be happy just pretend until the day I finally get to be with u but one day I want u to realize how much hurt u have given me be in my shoes for a day feel the way I do then maybe u will know how much hell u put me through The dusk falls on another day, but I have yet to see its splendor. So kiss me sweet with your warm wet mouth, Still fragrant with ruby wine, And say with a fervor born of the South That your body and soul are mine. No love, my love, that thou mayst true love call All mine was thine before thou hadst this more.

Birds and children laugh without fear, for they dont know the pain. Clasp me close in your warm young arms, While the pale stars shine above, And we'll live our whole young lives away In the joys of a living love. In the faint flush upon the telltale cheek, And in the pallor that succeeds it; by The quivering lid of an averted eye The smile that proves the parent to a sigh Thus doth Love speak. By the uneven heart-throbs, and the freak Of bounding pulses that stand still and ache, While new emotions, like strange barges, make Along vein-channels their disturbing course; Still as the dawn, and with the dawn's swift force Thus doth Love speak. In the avoidance of that which we seek The sudden silence and reserve when near The eye that glistens with an unshed tear The joy that seems the counterpart of fear, As the alarmed heart leaps in the breast, And knows, and names, and greets its godlike guest Thus doth Love speak. In the proud spirit suddenly grown meek The haughty heart grown humble; in the tender And unnamed light that floods the world with splendor; In the resemblance which the fond eyes trace In all fair things to one beloved face; In the shy touch of hands that thrill and tremble; In looks and lips that can no more dissemble Thus doth Love speak. In the wild words that uttered seem so weak They shrink ashamed in silence; in the fire Glance strikes with glance, swift flashing high and higher, Like lightnings that precede the mighty storm; In the deep, soulful stillness; in the warm, Impassioned tide that sweeps through throbbing veins, Between the shores of keen delights and pains; In the embrace where madness melts in bliss, And in the convulsive rapture of a kiss Thus doth Love speak. Then if for my love thou my love receivest, I cannot blame thee for my love thou usest; But yet be blamed if thou this self deceivest By wilful taste of what thyself refusest.

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